Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Top Ten Tuesday

This has taken a while but here's a selection of Ghostly Brides. I shall start with the skull-faced Edwardian 'beauty'. Even the flowers she carries are dead.
Here the setting in Highgate Cemetery and her translucency all add to the eeriness. 
 Another see-through spectre. It's the way she challenges you to follow her - and yet the floor of the ruin shines right through her. Chilling.
A ghost bride doesn't have to be white European to be be sinister - this one is both beautiful and disturbing.
Of course, there are other ways to be scary. This zombie bride would rip anyone apart.
 Dead brides are unnerving. Would she 'wake' if you got too close?
And the sadness of this deserted bride -is it contagious, could she pass on her desperate plight?
Another waiting bride - this time from the twenties. The peeling wallpaper tells its own tale.
It's hard to beat a graveyard for the habitat of the supernatural .This bride is already in mourning - who for, I wonder?
But this has to be my Number One. There is something so implacable about her. She would never stop chasing you - slowly.

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