Reviews of longer Ghost Stories

Dark Matter by  Michelle Paver

The things I appreciated about this book are:

  • using a diary - the reader gets right inside Jack's head
  • the landscape - you can feel the chill of the Arctic night
  • the dogs - they have character too
  • the supernatural element - very disturbing

The Stones of Muncaster Cathedral by Robert Westall

Things to like about this book are:

  • the setting - Robert Westall clearly knew his stuff about Cathedrals
  • the voice - you can almost hear how he would tell it
  • the characters - Joe and the vicar in particular are so distinct
  • a bonus story about WWII

The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters 

I would highly recommend this if you like:

  • a very well recreated historical setting ( just after WWII)
  • not being quite sure if it's real or imagined by the main character
  • different classes in the same story - a bit like a haunted Downton Abbey 
  • lots of decay and spookiness

The Greatcoat by Helen Dunmore

This is ideal if you appreciate

  • a shorter story or novella
  • the post war period shown really well
  • a place that matters to the story (East Riding of Yorkshire)
  • strange slips in time and a bit of romance

The Winter Ghosts by Kate Mosse

This would suit someone who likes:

  • a novella with time doing strange things
  • southern France shown really well
  • a reason for the supernatural experience
  • a mixture of romance and adventure

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