Thursday, 21 February 2013

The Bride of Frankenstein

We all know, of course that really it's the inventor who is Frankenstein in Mary Shelley's original tale.
'Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus' was written when she was 19
But somehow the name has stuck to the creature - and to his bride-to-be. Interestingly in James Whale's 1935 film Elsa Lanchester plays both Mary Shelley here:

and the nameless Bride here:

Few images, and particularly hairstyles, can have had as much influence as hers created by Jack Pierce. Said to be inspired by the head of Nefertiti, it has gone to appear in all sorts of guises.

Photographer Flood has made herself into a Bride of Frankenstein:

Tommaso Jacobus has made this graphic:

I think it may have influenced the creation of Lily Munster:

And the following dolls have more than a touch of old Hollywood:

But a cat? Well, that's certainly recognisable.

In each case, it's interesting how this frankly unnerving bride has a kind of chilling elegance.

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